Ultimate Slumber Sound Machine


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Indulge in a restorative night’s sleep with the Ultimate Slumber Sound Machine. Perfectly designed for adults, it offers 20 high-quality sounds that range from soothing white noise to calming nature noises.

Enjoy the sound memory and timing functions, perfect for unwinding and recharging. Experience restful slumber with the Ultimate Slumber Sound Machine!

Suitable for Adults & Children

Type: Sleep Aid
Controls: Easy-to-use button controls
Feature: 20 Soothing Sounds across White Noise, Natural Sounds and Fan Sounds using 3W Speaker for High Quality Sound
Portable: Yes
30, 60, 90 Minutes + Loop play with Auto Shut Off
Function:  Approx. 25-40 Hours
Charging Time: 4.5-5 hours
Function: Sound Memory Function 
Battery:  Rechargeable 2000mAh battery (20-40 hrs playtime) and Type-C USB charging port
Model: HSS-400W-AU

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