Ultimate Foot & Calf Massager


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Relieve muscle tension and fatigue with the Ultimate Foot & Calf Massager!

Enjoy a personalized massage experience that targets your feet and calves, with 6 customizable massage settings, including compression, kneading, and vibration.
Experience deep relaxation and total rejuvenation - perfect for tired feet and aching legs

MASSAGE TYPE: Compression, Kneading and Vibration to suit your needs with 6 Rotational movements for double the massage for Calves and Legs
GENTLE WARMTH - INFARED HEAT: Infrared Heat uses invisible electromagnetic waves to provide warmth and comfort to muscles. This does not directly feel "Hot" in temperature. 
CONTROLS: Easy-to-use-touch control with Automatic 15 Min Shut off
PORTABILITY: Easy-to-use-touch controls with Portable Handle to carry

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