Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Massager Cushion w/ Soothing Heat

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Model: MCS-846H-AU

Massage your Back and both sides of your Spine with the ultimate Gel Deluxe Massage Cushion.
Turn any chair into a massage chair with the Homedics® Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat. 

Activate the soothing heat feature and experience extra comfort for tight muscles. Rolling massage nodes with width adjustment travel the full length of your back, stimulating muscles on both sides of your spine.

The adjustable height neck massage helps to eliminate tension in your neck and shoulders, while seat vibration provides gentle movement to help loosen muscles. Features a strapping system and convenient remote control.

Massage Type: Deep-kneading shiatsu gel nodes
Heads: Rotational movements with Spot Massage

Adjustable height for neck & shoulders massage

Air-compression massage

The ergonomic cushion fits securely onto any chair

Seat Vibration

Zones: 3 massage zones (lower back, upper back, or the entire back) and spot massage for targeted relief.
Heat Level: Soothing heat with touch technology
Controls: Easy-to-use- Programmed controller with Integrated Strap to fit most chairs
Portability: Portable 


INCLUDED: Adaptor Cord Length: 2.4m


  • (approx. cm): 50 x 75 x 20 (L x W x H)

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