Stretch Plus - Inspired by Yoga

6 key Benefits

  • Precision-Controlled Air Chambers
  • Easy Foldaway Design
  • Enhances Calm
  • Boosts Stretch & Recovery
  • 6 Customisable Intensities with Handheld Control
  • Portable Design for Relaxation, Everywhere

Wellbeing Inspired


A stress relieving, tension reducing, and relaxation focused back stretching mat. Lay back and relax as STRETCH+ PLUS moves your body through a gentle yet powerful sequence of yoga inspired stretches and twists. An effortless way to experience the relaxing benefits of yoga, STRETCH+ PLUS guides you through a range of 6 sequences, calming and gently encouraging your body to stretch and unwind from the comfort of your home.

our finest product

Effortless Stretch Experience


Precision Control

A selection of carefully choreographed treatments inspired by yoga and recreated through a system of air chambers. Each one designed to inflate in sequence and stretch the body.


Foldaway Design

With the simple foldaway design and a secure strapping system, the HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS makes for easy storage. The convenient carry handle is ideal for taking the Stretch with you from the home, to the office and on holiday for relaxation anytime, anywhere.


6 Pre-Program Sequences

Stretch+ PLUS has 6 pre-programmed sequences to choose from, Twist, Flow, Energise, Stretch, Unwind and Recover. Customise the intensity for ultimate comfort and maximum relaxation.

How it works

The Back Stretching Mat Inspired by YOGA

A Special Stretching Mat for Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, a yoga stretching mat could be extremely beneficial. It uses air chambers to soothe the tired back muscles. This loosens up the knots and tension in your back. Also, the air chambers are precision controlled and help in increasing blood circulation in the body. The vibrations in the mat can ease the daily stress. A stretching mat restores muscle flexibility as you stretch on it and correct your poor posture.

All you have to do is lie down and the back stretch mat will do the rest. It applies a sequence of yoga inspired twists and stretches on your back so you can get relaxation benefits. Our stretching mats have 6 types of sequences and they will help you unwind and relax. Once you’re done with the stretching session, you can fold the mat and keep it away. It can be securely strapped so you can carry it anywhere easily.