Replacement Filters & Accessories

If you have a humidifier or air purifier, there’s no way around it: at some point you’re going to need to replace the air filter. Choose the replacement HEPA filter from HoMedics® that’s right for your machine. We make cleaning a humidifier easy, thanks to Clean Tank Technology that inhibits mould and mildew growth. Misplace a cap? We’ve got you covered with replacement caps, tanks, and even remote controls. Make sure you’re keeping track of when to replace your home air filter to ensure you’re getting the best usage. Air purifier and humidifier filters are available at your convenience — and, if you’re using hard water in your humidifier, don’t forget the demineralisation cartridge to help prevent white film.

When is it Time for Air Purifier Filter Replacement?

If you want the best quality air for yourself and your family, you must get an air purifier. However, keep in mind that like any other household appliance, it needs maintenance. Over time, its filters will get dirty as it catches pollutants from the air and it will need an air purifier filter replacement. Since air purifiers run constantly, they need regular filter replacement. On average, air purifier filter replacement should be done once in three months. The good thing is that these filters aren’t expensive and you can easily replace them at regular intervals.