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DUO QUARTZ - IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Model: IPL-300-AU

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  • A fast, safe and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth

  • Treat legs, underarms and bikini line in under 30 minutes

  • Lifetime supply of 300,000 pulse Quartz cartridge

  • Dual treatment of IPL and AFT FREEGLIDE in one beautifully smooth handheld device

  • Clinically proven: visible results within 5 weeks on 87% of people

  • Suitable for facial treatment: includes facial adaptor
  • Features

    Restoring confidence with every pulse

    Waxers, shavers, pluckers and epilator haters alike can rejoice, the bumpy and prickly journey to long lasting and low maintenance smoothness is over. Fast and effective, the new Duo Quartz is a safe, pain-free IPL laser hair removal solution to achieving permanent hair reduction.

    Dual Technology

    Like the original Duo IPL, we’ve combined Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) into one beautiful device. In one sitting you can treat different parts of the body using the variable pulse control. Simply glide the Duo Quartz over larger treatment areas like a shaver and deliver single IPL shots to harder to reach and stubborn regrowth areas like your underarms and bikini line.

    IPL: High power one touch control, just position and shoot. Great for areas with thick or dense hair such as underarms and bikini

    AFT FREEGLIDE™ : Fast flash for short treatment times, simply glides over the skin like a shaver. Great for large areas such as legs

    This time, we've included everything you need into your home IPL kit. There's no need to change your pulse cartridge. Instead, we've powered a new Quartz lamp with an unbeatable 300,000 pulses - that's a lifetime supply. We've also included our facial attachment to gently treat delicate areas of the face. With a beautiful new design in rose gold, this is the ultimate hair reduction kit for long lasting smoothness.

    Gentle to your precious skin

    Home IPL

    Like a real rose quartz, your skin is precious. The Duo Quartz skims gently over the surface of your skin. The treatments aren’t painful, in fact, the smooth and “pearl-like” feel of the device in your hand and against your skin is calming. After prolonged use, you’ll begin to feel a growing warmth so we’d always recommend you start with the nooks and crannies like your bikini line and underarms first. They’re more sensitive than larger areas such as your legs and arms.

    This cleverly designed home laser hair removal device has a Skin Sensor. The white (or blue, depending on the energy level) light will continue flashing from the moment you switch it on until the device meets your skin, which means the Duo Quartz has made direct contact and is ready to use.

    Using the face applicator, you can target the delicate areas of your skin.

    Preparation, Practice and Precision makes Perfect

    To deliver the IPL directly to the hair root, it’s important your skin is clean, dry and shaven before using the device. This means you can incorporate it into your existing hair removal regime (before you can ditch the razor for good – hurrah!). After shaving the areas you’ll be targeting, you can use the device immediately. Make sure you work with the length of the cord and keep it slack so you can accurately deliver a direct pulse to the skin.

    Tried, Tested and Recommended


    What is IPL Technology?

    An innovative and very clever light-based technology, similar to the salon technology used by professional beauticians. We’ve adapted it a little for safe and hassle free home use. The Duo Quartz works by sending gentle pulses of light directly to the hair root. In doing so, the hair follicle enters a resting phase and sheds naturally. To prevent the hair roots from becoming active again, it’s important to continue with a gentle treatment once every 2-4 weeks.

    Can I use Duo Quartz?

    Although the Duo Quartz is suitable for most skin and hair types, it works best on lighter skin and darker hair or hair containing more melanin. This doesn't mean lighter shades (such as light brown, dark blonde) miss out, it just means you'll require more sessions before seeing optimum results. We don't recommend IPL laser hair removal for shades as light as pale blonde and grey. You can always refer to our skin types guide below if you're not sure!

    Are IPL treatments painful?

    More often than not, no! Some users might experience some mild discomfort when treating stubborn regrowth areas where hair is thicker and darker using single shot IPLs. If you do experience a discomfort, it will be a heat sensation, similar to a snapping elastic band.

    Do I have to shave? Or can I wax before using Duo Quartz IPL device?

    You can epilate or wax before using the Duo Quartz but, we’d always recommend shaving because the results are better! This is due to the light energy absorbing the hair nearest the skin surface and then radiating that energy down into the hair root.

    If you do not shave beforehand, the energy has to travel down the whole hair shaft before reaching the hair root, this would deliver less energy and the treatment would be less effective.

    The specs:

  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • Dimensions: 12.25cm x 6.6cm x 4.05cm
  • Lamp type: Quartz lamp
  • Lamp life: up to 300,000 shots
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